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Does The Penal Zone Work on Your Mac?

posted by Thriftweed Fancy Pants on - last edited - Viewed by 225 users
Sorry if this should be in the Support forum, but I don't think I'd get much of a response there because I'm trying to ask something from people who don't have any problems, not from the people who do.

Is there anyone at all who has been able to play The Penal Zone on their Mac?
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  • everyone who doesn't have a macbook pro it would seem, there are many of these threads in support by the way
  • Yeah, I know about those. I noticed at least on person with a Mac Pro (not Macbook Pro) that was having trouble as well, which made me wonder if anyone with a Mac has been able to run this game correctly.
  • I have finished the game on my Macbook (running OS X 10.6.2, with a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor). I initially had the same crashing problem as everyone else seems to be having, however on one occasion I saved the game during the opening sequence and it then ran through the credits without crashing. I know a lot of people have saved at the same point as I did and have still crashed though. After getting past the opening credits, I had no problems with crashing at all. The only issue with the game was that Max often appeared in shades of grey, the game itself ran smoothly.
  • I was able to play on my Macbook Pro after some monkeying around. I saved my game right before the credits, changed the settings to the lowest resolution, windowed mode, and graphics setting 5, and then restarted my computer. When I ran the credits, it didn't crash. After making it through that bit, I set the settings to the highest possible and played the game with no lagging whatsoever. I also went back later and completely replayed the game on the highest setting and it didn't even crash at the credits anymore.
  • Wow, that actually worked for me!

    I saved just before the crash, set the graphics and resolution as low as possible, quit the game, restarted the game (not the computer), and amazingly, I made it through the credits on the low settings! I bumped it up to highest resolution and level 5 graphics and I can actually play it! For two weeks I've been waiting for TTG to fix the problem, so I'm glad I can finally join in the fun that everyone else seems to be having! There is still a frame-rate issue and it's a little buggy here and there, but at least I can get some of the experience I paid for. Thanks for the suggestions!
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