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When will you play the commentary mode?

posted by StarEye on - last edited - Viewed by 388 users
I've played MI2 so many times that I've seen just about everything and read about every line there is in the game. Of course, I'm interested in hearing the new music, see the new graphics and hear the voicovers. But I just can't help feel very intrigued about the commentary mode. So, I may be playing the commentary mode first of all.
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  • I'll definately want to see all the new stuff before I delve into the history. Otherwise I know I'd just be straining to hear the new voices behind them talking and I'd miss things that I know I'd love to hear. :D
  • It's been a while since I played MI2, so I'm gonna play the first time just normally, with the improved graphics, and switching to the old ones every now and then, just to compare.
    Then the second time I'll use commentary mode, since that sounds very interesting.

    Minor nitpick: It should be "I could'nt care less" ;)
  • I have planned playing it three times soon after it comes out:
    1: First, a normal playthrough of the thing.
    2: Playthrough with commentary.
    3: Fast playthrough for the Great Monkey Island Race.
  • Didero;298954 said:

    Minor nitpick: It should be "I could'nt care less" ;)
    I know, it was intentional. ;)

    Also, "couldn't", not "could'nt". :D
  • StarEye;299008 said:
    Also, "couldn't", not "could'nt". :D
    D'oh, and I stared at it for a while too, making sure I typed it right. Oh well, another failpoint earned :)
  • I chose my second playthrough, but honestly I can't decide....we'll see, I guess.
  • After hearing Derrick explain a bit about the commentary mode, I'm not sure I can resist checking it out on my first playthrough :)
  • I expect that I'll listen the very first commentary that comes up. But my plan is to play through once without the commentary and then go through again with the commentary.
  • 1st playthrough.
    I play the Special Editions just out of curiosity, not that i care much about new graphics or voices. But i do care about the commentaries and since im gonna play it just once, that will be the time.
  • I wonder if the commentary will be available in classic mode.
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