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Which platform will you be getting it for?

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I know it may be a bit early, but...
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  • I will buy it for everything it is released for, like always.
  • My PC is all the way downstairs and my wife's netbook probably isn't powerful enough (it barely runs SBCG4AP and won't even start TMI) so I'll probably get it on WiiWare. That said, I'll certainly get it for PC as well eventually :). I like to buy everything straight from TTG's store as well as all the other consoles I play. First buy in this case, however, will probably go to WiiWare.
  • i'm with pale man,
    i'm so buying it on everything i own, mac, iphone, wiiware, really whatever I can get my hands on
    so far i own every TT game out for XBLA, and everything that I own on XBLA, I also own on Mac/PC
    I have no idea why I buy em all twice, but I do... maybe its because they control different on every system... that is until i can get my damn wired xbox controller to work with my mac, i tried the supposed driver but for the life of me I can't get it to recognize the controller. if i could play sam and max season 3 with my xbox controller, i don't think i'd ever stop
  • PC since it's (like most people have said) the only system i buy ttg games on. But that's only if I buy it, and there's only a 30% chance i will, so far. All i know is that it's point and click with puzzles (no idea what the puzzles are) and that there will only be a pilot episode, unless it goes well, it will be a series.
  • I'll be getting the PC version for sure, and probably the iPod touch version later on.
  • Wiiware is not an ideal digital distribution platform for me, I don't want an iPad, my phone runs Android and my MP3 player is not an iPod of any variety, let alone a Touch.
  • PC. Because I want to have my games in this site. Nothing more.
  • Well before it was officially announced I would have said iPod Touch, but now I'm leaning towards PC since all of my other Telltale games are there. I'm still keeping the idea of putting it on my iPod on the backburner though.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    GinnyN wrote: »
    PC. Because I want to have my games in this site. Nothing more.
    I agree with the thought of having all my games on this site. I like the way Telltale manages your purchased games list. :D I bought Telltale Texas Hold'Em twice because I wanted it on my Telltale games list too. I purchased it in the boxed version first.

    I wish Telltale would sell the downloadable versions of their CSI games too. Then I could have all of their games in my Telltale games list.
  • PC. Hoping for native linux support with this game.
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