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My refund has dwindled?

posted by Monkfish on - Viewed by 71 users
Last year (10 April 2009) I received a tax refund from TellTale in regard to a previous purchase. It was for the sum of $6.12 paid in the form of a rebate code on a future purchase. About a month ago I looked into buying some of the recent Telltale games and the offer code removed $6.12 as expected. I decided not to go ahead with the purchase at that time, but wait a little while. A few days ago I purchased Wallace & Gromit ($19.95) and the special offer on The Tales of Monkey Island SE ($19.95), however I couldn't use my rebate because when I entered the code, it was deleting less than $2 bucks from my order total. I can hold the rebate over for when I buy the latest Sam & Max season, but I would like to know why it has dwindled from $6.12 over the last month?
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