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Pre-ordered yet?

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Just a poll to see how many people are interested in this game.
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  • Instant purchase. Love Layton, love Telltale, love the art...
  • It's already in my shopping cart. I'd buy right away, but that 50% off deal is making me consider my options. Telltale fan or not, I still like bargain-optimizing. :D But put me down as instant purchase.
  • I'm waiting. For nothing special, just waiting. Maybe for more merchandise I could be interested and then buy it with the 50% discount...
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    I'm in the same boat as Harald B; I would buy the game instantly, but with the 50% off deal I'll have to think about what (if anything) I'll buy with it. (And factor in the expensive shipping costs, and the fact that I have to pay customs fees and VAT on shipments over 200 NOK/~33 USD)
  • Trying to decide between scaling back my order or not. It's at $60 before shipping now, and that's already scaled back a bit.
  • I'm definitely going to buy it, just waiting until finals are over before I ponder what I'm going to buy along with it. I'm thinking Sam and Max Hit the Highway, since I don't have that yet...
  • I'm still hoping the PAL Wiiware version is (to be) released in a timely fashion. So no pre-ordering yet. Plus I'm broke right now.
  • Trying to decide between scaling back my order or not. It's at $60 before shipping now, and that's already scaled back a bit.

    So $110 before reduction? What did you buy?
  • There was no way I wasn't going to buy this. I can't wait to play this. It looks amazing, and it just feels so different to anything Telltale has done before.

    I kinda forgot to buy Monkey 1 SE at the same time. I already have it on Steam, but assuming Telltale will also offer future Monkey re-releases, I'd rather have them all in my game-list here. Five dollars would have made it perfect for double dipping. Oh well, the way Telltale handles special offers, I might be able to get it cheaper in a couple of weeks anyway.

    I wonder how they handle dialogue. You can see text balloons on some screenshots, and I don't think any of the Grickle characters ever had an actual voice actor before. There's no reason why they couldn't or shouldn't however. I just wonder what Nelson would sound like.

    Anyway, congrats Grickle! I wonder if, when this gets turned into a full season, Nelson has to solve a case involving a certain antler-bear...
  • Already pre-ordered. I definitely like the backstory (or what we know of it so far), I like the art and I like the fact that it's going back to its point-and-click routes.

    What also interests me is the Telltale Pilot Program. The future potential here is incredible but I also have to wonder, will Telltale also accept third-party games into the program? As in, Joe Adventurer pitching his idea to Telltale for Telltale to publish his game under the Pilot Program in order to determine if there is an interest in his game?
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