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Coupons not working?

posted by xeacons on - last edited - Viewed by 127 users
My coupon's not working. And there seems to be others with similar complaints. Is there something wrong?

P.S. I've been saving mine for a couple of months; they don't have expiration dates, do they?
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  • Yes, they have.

    Which is why I have to ask; where did you get the coupon from?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Also, what are you trying to use the coupon on?
    Most Telltale coupons are valid on downloadable games released before the coupon was issued (for example, the coupon you would have gotten for buying Sam & Max Season Three will work on an episode of Wallace and Gromit or Strong Bad, but not on The Secret of Monkey Island SE or Puzzle Agent).
  • I won Telltale Tuesday back in March and was hoping to pick up Penal Zone when it was released. This doesn't sound encouraging. Thanks for clearing that up though. This needed to be included in the email with the coupon.
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