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ToMI/SoMI SE do I get my ToMI disc?

posted by bonnie on - last edited - Viewed by 239 users
If you are ordering the ToMI/SoMI SE bundle, you should be eligible for the ToMI disc for the cost of shipping. Seems a few of us are having issues with the system recognizing our bundle purchase not allowing us to order the free disc for the cost of shipping. If this is happening to you, please send me a message through [email][/email] and I will help you with your disc purchase.

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  • Is the Deluxe Edition supposed to be $50 for those of us who ordered the bundle or is there a discount not being recognised there?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    I'm pretty sure the Deluxe Edition should be $14.95 in your case and that a discount is indeed not being recognized.
    Are you trying to order it from this page or this one?
    For some reason, the first page offers it to me for $49.95, the second one for $14.95...
    Anyway, it looks like the issue you're having is similar to the one described in the first post and warrants an e-mail to [email][/email].
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