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Yet Another Dan Connors Interview: possible lawyer game as pilot?

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A long interview with some interesting tidbids:

Choice excerpts:
One thing we might do...there's a lot of talk around here about lawyering types of games and taking advantage of our tools to do that or other types of ways that you interact with players in table-based games. We did our poker thing back in the day and that was a fun and quick thing for us, so our tools are capable of producing a lot of different experiences and that's what this is about.
G4: One of the things that happens in the TV model is it's not necessarily all produced internally -- pilots can be outsources, ideas can come from the outside. Is the Pilot Program something that could possibly expand outside of Telltale?

Connors: Oh, yeah. That's definitely part of our growth plan so we go from a huge operation to a mega-huge operation. Definitely, I think that's something [we could do]. We've got a channel, we've got a infrastructure to support product coming through, so it may be something where we look for partners to work on something and maybe something where somebody is incubating an idea or a concept that's just a really cool franchise and has an installed base and taking a shot in the interactive world makes sense and it makes sense to us, so it might be that kind of thing.
We're also doing R&D about how to work with the connected elements -- Facebook, Twitter elements and iPhone and really trying to figure out what the connected experience is going to be like as devices become more diverse but can support an equally high level of content.
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