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Monkey Island Bundle End-date

posted by JDV72 on - last edited - Viewed by 83 users
The graphic on the store page says that the bundle offer would only be good through today, May 7th. I was hoping it would last it little longer when I read my Interloper email which states that the offer lasts through Wednesday the 12th. Which is the correct date?

Also, will SoMI:SE be available separately after this promotion at the same price? (I already have ToMI).

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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Since the Interloper has May 12 as the expiration date, I'm pretty sure that Telltale will honor the deal until then even though the store page states another date.
    Not sure I understand your other question, however.
    The secret of Monkey Island SE is already available separately for $9.95 and I'm pretty sure that $9.95 is not a promotional but its regular price.
    Even though I already have it on Steam (which I currently run on my Mac via Crossover Games), I'm considering buying the game from Telltale so I can run it independently from Steam (in either CrossOver Games, Parallels or Bootcamp... too bad they don't sell it on Mac; I guess I'll have to get the Mac version from GameAgent!), especially as it's half price if you buy it in the same order as Puzzle Agent.
  • It's now been officially extended until May 12 on the store page.
  • Still not able to gift this bundle.
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