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Is it possible to play the PC version of DP:PZ using a Duelshock 3 controller?

Hey I was just wondering if it was possible to play The Devil's Playhouse on the PC using my PS3 controller. It seems like the control scheme would be a better way to play. Anybody have tips on how to get it to work, preferably just through USB instead of bluetooth as my PC doesn't have bluetooth.


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    The PS3 controller lacks an official driver for use outside of the PS3. You can google one, but I haven't seen any that have worked. There's a logitech controller that has approximately the same layout as the dualshock controllers that works fine though.
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    Try MotioninJoy.
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    Yeah you can, I am using one ^^ . (that can also emulate a 360 pad so it works with EVERY game)
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