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Just below minimum pre-reqs: will it run?

posted by Zeevico on - last edited - Viewed by 212 users
I'm thinking of getting Sam and Max S2 or Tales of Monkey Island. You had me hooked because of S1 of Sam and Max and also the HR games.

However I have concerns as my laptop is not up to the pre-reqs. How minimum are the minimum pre-reqs? I have a 1.83ghz duo processor as opposed to 2 gigs, plenty of hard drive space, 1 gig of ram, etc etc. So two questions:

1. Will the game freeze, or just go a little slower?

2. If I buy/install it and it does freeze and not work is it possible to get a refund [on the basis that the purchase is cancelled of course]?

If not, no worries--I'll probably get them after I buy the new computer.
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  • Both for the first episode of Sam & Max Season 2 and Tales Of Monkey Island there are demos available, so you can see how well they run on your computer.
    Sam & Max 201 demo is here, and the ToMI episode 1 demo is here.

    ToMI is more resource intensive than Sam & Max Season 2, so you might want to start with SnM.
  • If what you have is a Core Duo you should be fine on the processor. The real question with a laptop is the video card... does it have a separate one or is it an integrated chipset? Having integrated graphics is usually what makes Telltale's games have trouble running on laptops...
  • The memory might be on the low side, but give the demos a go as suggested and see how it goes.
    My current laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6000 (sadly not Core Duo processor) with 1Gb RAM and an ATI Radeon Mobile graphics card (not integrated) running XP.
    I downloaded the Tales Of Monkey Island demo and initially it was abysmal but I did manage to adjust the graphics settings to make it playable.

    I am currently playing through Sam & Max Season 2 and my system spends a lot of time thrashing the hard drive on scene changes. The disc is not fragmented, but looking at the memory use I think that the game may be using more memory than I have available. Mostly it is playable, but I spent a quite a while last night waiting for scenes to load.

    My guess is that you might be better waiting for your new computer - my current experience is certainly making me think that it may be time to replace my system (which isn't doing too badly given that it is 4.5 years old now).
  • The first two seasons of Sam & Max keep a lot of data in memory, yeah. If you don't have a lot of RAM, the best thing you can do is close down the game every once in a while, to clear the memory.
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