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I never get the TT Newsletter [but I subscribed]

posted by Ezny on - last edited - Viewed by 485 users
I've subscribed to it at least twice, but it never shows up. :(

I don't think my email setup is sending them to the junk file, because I get order confirmations, and I got an email letting me know S&M S3 was about to come out.

How can I fix this?
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  • The newsletter is published on an irregular basis. The last one I got was dated May 6. The one before that was April 15. When did you subscribe?

    The newsletter comes from [email][/email], if you need to add that to your address list for it to get through. Maybe your spam settings hate the word "marketing".
  • I first subscribed almost a year ago.

    And thank you :) I'll check that out.

    edit: The only option was to turn off junk mail rule, so I went ahead and did that. I only open stuff I'm expecting anyways so it shouldn't be a biggie. I don't even think I get much junk mail aside from what already gets through.

    I'll see if it shows up next month. Thanks again.
  • I heard someone say the Interloper was being sent out the 18th? Is this true? Because if it did I didn't get it...

    But then you said last one you got was May6th so I don't see why there would be 2 a month...

    Can someone clarify please?
  • Last (didn't have "Interloper" in the title though)- 7 May.
    Before that- 16 April.
  • ok, thank you.

    I can't remember if it's the TT Newsletter or TT Interloper, I forget... Maybe both..
  • I received a new issue of the Interloper today (5/25). Check your inbox, Catfish33.
  • Wapcaplet;312567 said:
    I received a new issue of the Interloper today (5/25). Check your inbox, Catfish33.
    Yep, thank you. :)

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