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Activate Monkey Island on Steam:Mac?

posted by cjmcqueen on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
I have my Monkey Island keys, but since Steam came out for Mac I would like to manage my keys through Steam (since that's where I have all my other games). Is it possible to activate my Monkey Island keys and have them managed through Steam?
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  • unfortunately this is not possible. I would love to activate ToMI on steam myself.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Steam and the Telltale store are different systems, sorry. If you just want to add it to the launcher, you can choose "add non-steam game" from Steam's "Game" menu, but that is just adding a shortcut to your Steam library -- it does not mean Steam manages your downloads and updates.

    Of course, from any computer you can always grab the game from the Telltale "your games" page. :)
  • I would also love it if telltale for a short time made it avalible for all of us to activate products on steam in the same way runic games makes it possible to activate torchlight on steam if you bought it through them.

    I mean, the only reason I have bought products here instead of through steam, is because I wanted the mac versions also, not only the windows one, but now with steam for mac, I feel stupid for not buying them there in the first place. I also felt this about torchlight, but when I found out that runic games have made an exception now, because of the release of steam for mac, I was hpoing maybe telltale could too. I mean, when someone else can make it happen, so can telltale. Its just a question of wanting to. Any thoughts on this?
  • hroarbye;304619 said:
    Its just a question of wanting to. Any thoughts on this?
    If it really was that easy I am sure they would let us do it.
  • well... if its that hard, then how come others are able to?
  • I don't think it's a matter of it being hard, since it's most likely just an exchange of keys bought, but I guess, it's costing some money to have your retail/other keys being registerable in Steam.

    Unfortunately. :(
  • Well, it certainly doesn't make me happy that I can't transfer or adjust my keys. And, I don't think I'll buy a game direct from TellTale.

    I got these keys through MacHeist and was super excited to play them. The games are great, but it's a pain to manage them. I really do like having everything managed through Steam. I hope TellTale listens and helps their customers out.

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone. I hope that others will post here that want to manage games through Steam, just so TellTale can know how great (or maybe not great) the demand is for the keys to be managed in Steam.

    In TellTale's defense, their system is good, I don't worry about where my keys are since they are registered here. I just would like some freedom to choose my system. I wonder if a transfer system could be provided in the future? That would certainly make me happy.
  • Oh, just for information, today they updated the Retail Key page on the Steam Support site: now even Torchlight can be added to Steam via its retail key (which by the way has a customer format !). And the company of the Torchlight makers, Runic Games, for sure isn't any bigger than Telltale.

    So a small hint to TTG: Please, for once, pick up one of the most wanted suggestions and contact Steam about adding the retail keys. I'm sure many of us would even be inclined to pay a few Dollars to get their bought games registered on Steam.
  • Gonna jump into the chorus here as well. I'd love to able to have all my TT games on Steam and would even pay a buck or two for it, but not full price again obviously.
  • I'll also throw my two cents in here. Like others in this thread, I bought Tales through Macheist, and have slowly been enjoying it. With Steam on Mac out now, it'd be great to be able to consolidate my library of games into a single location, especially since it's already on Steam.
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