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The Incredible Puzzle Thread

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This is a thread to discuss some of your other favorite puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, armchair treasure hunts, etc.

To get started, here's an online puzzle hunt I've participated in before: Puzzlecrack. It's a week-long competition with clues given through the web page. Past competitions (and solutions) are still there for you to figure out.

Another similar one is Microsoft's College Puzzle Challenge.

Any other favorites?

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  • PathPix on the iPodTouch, i guess there exist desktop versions as well.
  • Avistew wrote: »
    I used to buy logic books. Kind of like crossword puzzle books, but with only logic stuff. My favourite ones were Logigraph (what you call Picross) and Logigram (stuff like the Einstein riddle).

    I buy one of those every now and then as well. One with picture cross only, as I grew tired of sudoku and kakuro a long time ago. Just laying on the couch with one of those is extremely relaxing when I need a break from my computer.
  • Alright, here's one from Professor Layton. I love confusing all my friends in the top mathematics class with this one.

  • It's (((40 / 2) - 5) / 3) * 4.

    What's about, the only place in the world if you go 1 mile to the south, 1 mile to the east, and 1 mile to the north and come back to the exactly same point?
  • ... It's 20 units, isn't it? I mean, seems so obvious to me, I must be doing something wrong?
  • Avistew wrote: »
    ... It's 20 units, isn't it? I mean, seems so obvious to me, I must be doing something wrong?

    It's. The whole point is, when you are soooo used to resolve math problems, you start to came up with techniques. So, the normal math guy will start to came up with all the information he/she'll get before to actually see the problem.

    All the maths problems, in Prof. Layton at least, are math problems you have to think differently than the normal math problems, and that's why those are difficult for the normal math student. Thank godness, I also draw, that's mean I have a certain part of the brain developed the normal engineer in my college does not. That helps, in some stuff.
  • Out of curiosity, how did you come up with the equation? I can't make sense out of it. I suck at math so hard.
  • It's just a weird way to write '20', I think. 40 / 2 is 20. 20 - 5 is 15. 15 / 3 is 5. 5 * 4 is 20. You just have to start within the innermost parentheses, and work your way out :)
  • Ooooh, I'm so used to math stuff being how you came to the solution. I was wondering where she found all of these and what formula she was applying and stuff. (Mostly, I didn't understand how they could all happen to be round numbers haha).
    I didn't realise she was just saying "20" in mathese (I didn't try to calculate it, to be fair, just looking at it makes me feel stupid).
  • Yeah, she was just bragging :p
    If you were to calculate it, I'm sure there would at least be a square root involved somewhere.
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