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WASD + mouse VS gamepad in TPZ - which one's the better gaming experience?

posted by Pantagruel's Friend on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
I bought a gamepad recently, and was really curious how The Penal Zone plays with it, as there were some people full of praises for the fluency and natural feel of the game when playing with a gamepad.

Up to this point, I'm somewhat disappointed with the results - it's OK to play with the gamepad, moving around is definitely better than WASD, but then, environment interaction is much better with the mouse. I'm interested in what others think about the issue, so I put up this poll. And especially those who find the gamepad solution superior - why do you think / feel so?
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  • i concur that it depends on your setup, i play with my gamepad because it simplifies the buttons in front of me and i don't need to remember any keyboard mapping, especially if its bothersome to me. most importantly though, my computer goes through my television, i just lie to lie back in bed and not have to worry about a mousepad or whatnot
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    I use the mouse exclusively, somehow the click & drag controls seem much more refined and easier to use than they did in Tales of Monkey Island, when I sometimes resorted to using the keyboard too.
  • To me TOMI mouse controls (click'n'drag) were better.
  • I prefer gamepad, but I'd actually prefer total keyboard control if it were available.
  • Power46;306932 said:
    I am sure he/she is referring to the fact that you do not have Click & Drag as an option.
    Possibly. Why doesn't he say so? :confused:
  • Pantagruel's Friend;307496 said:
    Possibly. Why doesn't he say so? :confused:
    He did. So did I. Mouse-only isn't listed as a choice, so I didn't choose anything.
  • I'm finding myself switching between the two for episode 2, which I haven't finished yet and I'm playing in short bursts. When I play on the TV, I'm using the Gamepad, when I play on the computer monitor I favor WASD+mouse(I use DropBox to sync my saved games).
  • Hubert;310084 said:
    He did. So did I. Mouse-only isn't listed as a choice, so I didn't choose anything.
    No, he didn't, unless under a different identity :)
    And click-and-drag was left out intentionally.
  • Mouse only,with keys for the places that are too narrow for it.
  • For me it's click/drag, but I've not tried all the options on any one game. I tried WASD versus gamepad on W&G and the gamepad was vastly superior there. I'm glad Telltale managed to get click/drag working in time for ToMI because I really don't like WASD at all.
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