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Sport Teams

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What Sport Teams do you support?

Me? Dallas Cowboys (American Footbal), Montreal Canadians (Ice Hockey), KC Royals (Baseball), OKC Thunder (Basketball).
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  • Considering this place is somewhat international...

    I'm always with the Chilean Selection of whathever. Ever if I know they are bad at that.
  • You REALLY shouldn't post this question on any forum I frequent. Just ask MusicallyInspired. :D

    Go Bucks!
  • I think it would help if you added what a team they're of when you say you support them. Soccer, basketball, hockey?
    People like me aren't going to know. So I'd say, everyone add the sport for each different sport they have a favourite team for, that would make it easier.

    As for me, I don't have TV and I don't follow any sports, so I don't have favourite teams for anything.
  • The only sport I really follow is Tennis, and they don't have teams. I like a bit of international rugby as well
  • Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin Racing. Hoping for the Aussie to win this year's F1.
  • I only like to watch fencing and that is probably the most difficult sport to find on TV.
  • The only sports I have any interest in on the TV is Formula 1 (Red Bull) and ski jumping (our national team)...

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  • Baseball is pretty much the only widely televised sport I can stand, so naturally my team is the Colorado Rockies. I still don't take that much interest, but I do check how they're doing every so often and I go to a few games a year with my dad.

    I have a cousin who's way into baseball, though. He lived in Alabama for a while, not too far from Atlanta, so he's a huge Braves fan. They usually come here once a year for a three game series, and my dad and I always try to catch one Braves/Rockies game with him.

    Also, I'm one of those oddball Americans who absolutely can't stand American football. I'd be perfectly happy if the NFL just up and vanished. My dad drives me nuts during football season.
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    Go Sportland Sports! They are number 1 in points!
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