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Tales of Monkey Island Movie - IN THE MAKING

posted by Farlander on - last edited - Viewed by 964 users
So, yes, I've finally brought myself to start making the ToMI movie I've been wanting to make ever since... well, ever since I've played the game.

I started filming with, oddly enough, with Rise of the Pirate God. Now, there is a reason to that. In my first attempt some half a year ago, I've met a problem when starting from Narwhal - cutting things from it may backfire - some things actually lead to something important in future games. But in case with RotPG, it's simpler to me - I'll put in all the important and exciting stuff, and the fate of some scenes and stuff from earlier games will depend on whether this will actually lead in to RotPG/Trial/Lair/Siege (in that particular order of importance) or not.

I've already uploaded a, let's call it, a little teaser video on youtube.

Now, there are some things I want to ask you people.

I don't want to go with pre-created music from somewhere. Including Monkey Island original music. The reason? Well, it's a pain in the ass, because music must represent what's going on the screen, and with pre-made music, it may get to the point that the actions on film must be changed corresponding to the music, which sucks.

So I'm looking for someone who's willing to take (To)MI soundtrack(s) (and other piratey soundtracks) as a base to transform it/them into a real movie soundtrack. I will supply the volunteer with final cuts (not in HQ, for the sake of simplicity in sending them) of different scenes which may be used as a reference for composing.

If any forummer has any ideas: post them. Lots of them. The same applies to questions.

If moderators would be so kind, I would like to ask them to sticky this thread. Attention to the project, as with any project, is one of the things that will help me get it finished. Morality boost, so to speak.

Thanks everyone for your attention.
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  • You don't think the music in the game is right? OK...

    By the way, good job. did you erase the credits or something?
  • You don't think the music in the game is right? OK...
    That OK sounds threatening, lol. No, I think the game in music is right. Well, to be honest, aside from some tracks and tunes, music in ToMI is my least favorite MI music. Mostly because a big chunk of music sounds too synthesized for my taste (I remember seeing somewhere some remixes that made some ToMI music sound more like CoMI/EfMI, though of course live instruments were not used, but it sounded awesome). Anyway, I've already mentioned all the reasons in the original post.
    By the way, good job. did you erase the credits or something?
    So far no game-editing job wasn't involved, and most likely will not ever be. In case of credits: zoom in to the camera shot close enough so credits wouldn't be seen, then slowly zoom out to the original game angle, simple as that. But I will use compositing for some shots if simple editing won't be enough.
  • I'm having this idea to make sound in 5.1. It will be a lot more time consuming, but would be awesome, actually. There is one problem, though. I don't have a 5.1 system, only Stereo speakers. Sure, I can do all the different track stuff in the editor (in fact, if I'll do 5.1, I'll have to manually put all the needed sfx, which is something that was anticipated - due to the manner of some edits), but I will not be able to see the whole picture while editing.
  • Hm, yeah... I have an idea: Start from the beggining :p I've read your post, but...c'mon... start with the first episode!

    Hmmm... I'm really curious how you'll manage to make this cool. Editing dialogues must be a pain.
  • Hm, yeah... I have an idea: Start from the beggining I've read your post, but...c'mon... start with the first episode!
    It still be one movie (But I have decided that each ToMI part should have no more than 30 minutes of screentime, so it would be a 2:30 movie TOPS, though it would most likely be less), and the way I'm filming it is really simpler for me.

    Editing dialogues must be a pain.
    Yeah. But not as much as editing puzzles.
  • For a moment there I thought you were working on a live action movie, and I was wondering how you were going to recreate LeChuck's ship. Then I clicked the link ... :cool:
  • I really like how you edited the trailer, :) I hope the rest of the movie turns out just as fluid. First time I played through ToMI I couldn't help but feel the cut-scenes were made to be sliced into a movie, so I can't wait to see the final product. Also, the choice about creating your own music I think will help make it feel more like a movie rather than a cut together of a game. Even though you'll probably make your own music, have you checked out the site: ? They may have some temporary soundtracks you can use until your final music gets worked out.
  • I'm not sure it's allowed to post this here. If it is, sorry.
    Maybe a better way than making your own music is to extract the music from the game with the Telltale Music Extractor, and then edit that over the sequences.
    You'd clearly have to add somewhere that the music is copyrighted by Telltale/LucasArts, but hey, since it's their game, you should anyway :)
  • Why not just edit the movie avatar and claim it as your own while your at it?
  • Actually the videos separate from game play are pretty funny.
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