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Sam and Max game engine

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Hi there , I watched a friend play 301 episode and i noticed the graphics changed a tad bit , is it on Unreal Engine 3 ? OR did they upgraded the old one ?
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  • They're using the Telltale Tool, as always. Improved for the new game, as always.
  • Haha its not Unreal Engine 1 even :)

    Its their own engine thingy they keep improving on, a great way for a smaller studio, its actully amazing how far they come. The first game from Telltale you always felt like you were on a stage or kinda in a box. Im really surprised with Season 3 of Sam Mun Mak, its amazing how alive the world feels, smoke, birds, nice sounds. Characters being able to move around, would be nice if they also moved about on locations by them selves, or interacted more togther.

    But hey its a start atleast :)
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