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Stop complaining!!!!

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Ok, I've been reading some of the threads dogging on bosco and other reacuring charters, well this is the page where you can make your own charters to help the cause.
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  • I... I don't see any threads currently complaining about the cast in such a way.
  • I don't understand how making charters are supposed to help 'the cause'. Are we supposed to give royal permission to start a colony or something?
  • The only comments that I've heard about Bosco, Sybil, etc. have been comments saying that they shouldn't be included in season three because they've run their course, for now. Nothing saying that they're actually bad characters.
  • NEVER! I represent the very influentia "ANTI THOSE GUYS BECAUSE THEY SUCK" coalition! We are GREAT IN NUMBERS. I shall not rest until "Bosco" and "Sybil" have been STRUCK FROM THE RECORD OF HISTORY ENTIRELY. I hereby LIST OUR DEMANDS!

    ONE! "Bosco" and "Sybil"(hereafter known as "Those Guys We All Hate") should have their likenesses REMOVED from this internet webzone!

    TWO! Those Guys We All Hate should be REMOVED from ALL COPIES OF SEASONS ONE AND TWO OF SAM AND MAX, effective within NINETY DAYS of the company's ACCEPTANCE of our DEMANDS

    THREE! Those Guys We All Hate should NOT be mentioned in ANY future Telltale production!

    FOUR! "Bosco" and "Sybil" should have a forum word filter put over them.

    FIVE! Posting images of Those Guys We All Hate should lead to an INSTANT PERMABAN following The Company's acceptance of our DEMANDS!

    We REQUIRE a response as SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • you forgot SIX! The people who portrayed Those Guys We All Hate shall never again be allowed to voice another character on any Telltale Game, ever!
  • It was in the meeting memos and rough drafts, but eventually the Coalition members that felt strongly about that one were willing to trade it for exclusive rights to chose the pizza toppings for next week's meeting. Besides, it was unanimously agreed that five was a good number, and if we had a sixth one then we'd have to think up ten demands to get another nice number.
  • oh yeah, I was sick for that meeting. what pizza toppings are we having?
  • Pineapple and anchovies.
  • ........yum...........................................................................................:(
  • Well, I said wanted feta and spinach and everyone jeered at me and called me a dirty hippie.
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