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  • now, how do you get to the panel?
  • You need 2 busteforms...
    Now what can cut something in half?
  • I got the location he hates from one of the reels, but when I tried to talk to him, the option wouldn't show up no matter how many times I've talked to him. What should I do?
  • Is it among the options when you click the travelling folders?
  • I did all that and finished the third reel. I think I have to talk to the grandpa mole up close, but I can't without getting killed. How do I get the dad mole's curse in the second reel to get baby airheart over to gramps?
  • If only little Nifferitti would confess her love of Sam&Max... ;)
  • Do you have Charlie? Dad's mole only curses to the people his daughter is interested ;)

    Edit: We are sooo coperative in this forum ^^!
  • yeah, except if I go into her room, I get bit to death by an asp. How do I avoid that? Or is that just a fake threat?

    Okay, I figured out I have to go into her room. I just have to take some psychic quick actions afterwards.
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