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Bugs/Glitches I found

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Two that I can remember vividly:

1. When i used the Can on the train in the second movie(I had to go back in time to get the can because I didn't have it, ie I finished two of the movies before getting to that part) The can placed itself below the floor so it looked like they got sucked into the floor. It got back into place after the animation was done.

1.5 When I used the can of nuts in front of the daughter and father molemen on the train it did not play it's sound effect.

2. Do not and I repeat do not get the Opposite sex curse and then the bad luck curse at the same and then wait for the Opposite sex curse to die out. Even though it said the curse was gone the animation was still there and when I got the bad luck curse removed I still had the opposite curse animation floating around. When I clicked the Grampa Moleman dialog option Benny's Curse I got a dialog circle with no dialog(ie I had no choice and could not right click out). Have to go back and do it again.
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  • How to get back past the doors if you just have the Bad Luck curse: Go back to the doors and use the Nuts in a can. it will bring you through the door, right in front of Nefriti, and then suck you into the can. going through either door will still kill you if you walk out

    also I did finally find a point where sams skin would stretch out. It was on reel 3, but somehow it looked cooler. It was on Sameths hand but it was pretty cool because it looked kinda like a walking stick.

    Two things you don't expect to hear in one sentence, Cool and Sameth Walking Stick
  • taumel wrote: »
    The quality of the Mac port really isn't up to the quality you're used to from the PC which is kind of sad.

    Specs (OSX 10.6.3, Core i5, GT330M (disabled GPU switching), 4GB)

    The Mac version ran beautifully for me. I noticed some lagginess when I first left the theater, so I dropped the resolution from 1920x1200 (native) to 1600x1000 and dialed down the quality from 9 to 8. After that it was practically flawless. No lag, no visual glitches, auto/save/load was fast. (And I didn't even bother to quit other programs -- Mail, Time Machine, ChronoSync, etc. ran in the background while I was playing.)

    Specs: 10.6.3, 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo, GeForce 8800GS, 4GB RAM
  • If you switch movie reels while standing on the first statue in the tomb scene it will completely mess up the camera angle when switching back. You will have to keep moving to the left until you are lucky enough to walk of the back of the statue and reset the camera angle.
  • On Reel 3,
    after I used the Sexo Rejexo curse for the toytest puzzle, I went back to the moleman and let him take off the curse from Sameth and Maximus again (the signs weren't floating around anymore). However, when the train arrived in the station and Amelia was standing on the Devil's Toy Box it was active again and I had just to say something to her.
  • After Amelia is gone from the burial chamber, if you use Charlie she'll reappear and the scene will play out the same. Fortunately talking to Grandpa fixes this.
  • you will magically teleport past the two doors in the tomb if you use the can of nuts whilst standing in front of them. After the animation has finished even the slightest movement will zap you right back again.
  • After Amelia is gone from the burial chamber, if you use Charlie she'll reappear and the scene will play out the same. Fortunately talking to Grandpa fixes this.
    Charlie on what?
    Also, if you use Charlie on her while she is near the Sarcophagus, she will get to her old position for her lines, then return back to the Sarcophagus once the cutscene is over...
  • In the tomb
    after getting the bust of Sammun-Mak I put it back in the platform I found it. Then I went to another reel, and after returning to the tomb the bust has disappeared. It's not in my inventory nor on the platform, so I cannot end the game.
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