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  • What's Jurgen afraid of most?
    Where can you find one on the train?
  • NVM - Cracked it! Cheers for the help!
  • which scenes exactly?
  • Melchon;307792 said:
    Maybe you should tell him that the parchment is somewhere on Slushy's way.

    If you still need help
    You need to know about the sarcophagus. Just tell Jurgen that he will find the parchment in it. You may have to finish some of the other scenes first though (especially those between the jung mole "lady" and jurgen). I think once jurgen is cursed by her father it should work.
    I got the same problem, but I [Spoiler]can't send Jurgen to the Sarcopohagus... :([/Spoiler] But I already gave [Spoiler]the love letter to daddy mole...[/Spoiler] Oh and btw, [Spoiler]when I leave the mole room, the girl mole always she is leaving, but after I leave the car and I come back, the mole isn't their, just Jurgen going back to the mole room![/Spoiler] I'm totally lost!
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