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Things I realized after Episode 4 and 5 (SPOILERS!)

posted by Chomping-Nazgul on - last edited - Viewed by 129 users
Hey, folks!
I've noticed what made the first two MIs so awesome. I kinda missed it in CMI and EMI but in TOMI it's there again and I can point my finger to it:

Did you notice that what made the Monkey Island universe so awesome is that it's both funny AND a bit creepy? (kinda like why Ghostbusters is so awesome, too)

It wasn't supposed to be funny in the early concepts of SMI so a lot of creepyness got into the final game. And admit it: the graveyard of Scabb Island, the Voodoo Swamp and LeChucks Castle are pretty creepy. Not to mention the ending of LCR.
But then Ron left and CMI was really funny but in my opinion to cartoony. It wasn't just creepy anymore. Not to mention EMI. IMHO EMI was a bit too silly a few times (especially what they did to Herman Toothrot! ARRRGH! >.<)
But in Episode 4 when Morgan and later Guybrush died It came back to the original feeling of the first two games. I was really shocked when Morgan died and the whole episode 5 was just creepy (a little bit like Tim Burton-creepy) and I LOVE it for that.

Well... Just wanted to tell it anyone... Do you agree on my theory?
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