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302: Too Easy? What do you think?

posted by Ezny on - last edited - Viewed by 564 users
Before you accuse me of being 'that guy' :rolleyes: just let me say I LOVED 302 [read my review in top sticky thread if you don't believe me], just thought it was too easy... Wanna see if I'm alone on this...

Maybe I just prefer extremely hard puzzle games...:confused:
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  • In my opinion, this episode was the perfect difficulty. For me it was pretty much the same difficulty as Tales, SBCG4AP, and most of Season 2, and that's just how I like my adventure games.
  • I don't think it was too easy, but I did notice that the majority of the puzzles are "Switch to a different reel and then come back with a new dialogue option".
  • I was actually able to figure out everything without using the guide, which is nice for a change. However, I still felt challenged and intrigued by the game's puzzles. In fact, I felt even more clever than usual because the logic was more down to Earth. Most of the episodes in Season 2 were about the same difficulty too, at least for me.
  • Catfish33;308805 said:
    I see some comments about Season 2.

    Personally I feel like Season 2 was more challenging than 301&302...
    I won't argue that 301 was less challenging. I hardly felt like any of the puzzles in that game were puzzles. Personally, if the rest of the season had the same difficulty as Sammun-Mak, I'd be a happy camper.
  • I felt like this was the most perfect one on difficulty, season two ones I've played were a bit too hard and season 1 too easy, except for Abe Lincoln Must Die, that was a perfect one for the free episode
  • Also, not sure if this is relevant or not but, I thought the entire season of ToMI was too easy [except maybe the beginning of Trial&Execution]. I know for a fact I'm not alone on this one...

    I hate be complain or whatever, but difficulty level is always an issue with me in adventure games. That is, if I think they're too easy...

    I never got mad at an adventure game for being 'too hard' so maybe it's just me [not that I'm mad at 302 I'm not lol]. After all, if you get stuck just look up some hints or something, or if you're desperate just seek out the solution. But if it's too easy, well, there's no real fix for that...
  • I found it just right. And in that, one of the hardest episodes seen from Telltale.
    Got stuck a few times, felt great!
  • adventureaddict;308828 said:
    I found it just right. And in that, one of the hardest episodes seen from Telltale.
    Got stuck a few times, felt great!
    Harder than Moai Better Blues? :o

    edit: Off the top of my head I would say that's probably my pick as hardest edpisode from S&M at least. I also like this episode a lot. Haven't played Season 1 & 2 in a while though...
  • Catfish33;308860 said:
    Harder than Moai Better Blues? :o
    I didn't find Moai to be very hard at all.
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