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The little things you appreciate

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So the first two episodes are out and yay, they're pretty good. But I wanted to create a thread about the little things that make you like the games even more. The point is to try and make Telltale see that we appreciate small attention to detail, like the Monkey 2 sinking reference in Lair of the Leviathan. It can be thankless work. I hope to change that here.

Needless to say, spoilers ho.

So, little things I liked, personally/noticed:

In Episode One:

- Using a power or verb option on anything will lend different jokes under different circumstances. The number of times you click matters.

- The way the dialogue is written allows it to make sense even if Max isn't around to deliver a punchline. So if Max is busy getting choked by a gorilla, and you, say, try offering another gorilla a gun ("Use gun on gorilla"), Sam's actions still make sense.

- There are cockroaches at Stinky's. There are no rats. If the cockroach is the cook, it makes sense.

- The music that shows up when Max is introduced is slightly reminiscent of Looney Tunes and works very well.

In Episode Two:

- Anyone talking with a barrier between them and Sam and Max talks incredibly quickly, as in Bioshock.

- Grandpa Moleman actually tells Amelia a story. You can listen to it.

- Last Express references. I caught one.

- That you can "die". That the characters comment on it. The best one - and the one with most suspense - was Sammeth hanging over the Pit of Flesh-Eating Ants and slowly descending. It raises the stakes up a little without becoming Sierra-style frustrating. (Unlike that sucky dead-end, I imagine.)

- The music as you're at the end, hanging, reminds me (and apparently others) of North By Northwest.

I had others. I'm done procrastinating on other things, so I'll leave them for now.

Add some stuffs.
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  • Sam's moustache, Sam's wonderful walking animation and cute sole feets, Sam's elbow pads and the decent normal mapping on his jacket, the eyebrows of the puppet and its familiar TZ look and decent normal mapping on it, the paintings in the tomb, the rumbling on the train and the scrolling by lights outside, the dangling sarcophagus, the spiral animation when they jump out of the can, still how the sound alters when you're scrolling in psychic mode, different angles for the different cabins (i liked the one from outside the most) Jurgen's clothing, the evil egyptian, i never get tired of slapping Max, how the Master of the Lamps like frames change their colours when they are fyling away in the credits, ...
  • How the season's title sequence will only kick in the first time you use Reel 1 (I decided to start with Reel 2). :)
  • I love all of the little rat/cockroach/scorpion animations in the backgrounds. I know, they're so minor, but they make the environments feel much more lively and 'real'.
  • Just all the extra stuff you see when you're in Max's mind. In Ep2 was just the bowler hats and moustaches on everything, but in Ep1 there was visual madness everywhere. I hope that all comes back once we're back in present Max's mind - which could be a while if we don't know where it is...
  • When Sam is talking to the mole man father in the tomb he gestures quickly with his hand at one point and smacks Max right in the head, complete with small sound effect. It was a quick sight gag and I almost missed it.
  • The doors on the ship in ep1. For some reason, they always brought a smile to my face, and it was just a little bit of weirdness that could have been done normally but they chose not to.
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