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Big bug in 302, tomb of sammun mak

posted by ThijssjihT on - last edited - Viewed by 864 users
I am in the tomb of sammun mak, and talk with the moleman guard about curses, and asked about someones curse (don't remember the name), the option was grey. Because I never spoke to him before, I clicked it. The I came to the next wheel, with no conversation choices. Now I am stuck in a conversation I can't quit, and I don't have anything to say. Now I have to force quit and do that part over :(

I know the name, it's Benny. DON'T ASK ABOUT HIM IF THE OPTION IS GREY.
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  • First i was a bit confused that you couln't take certain things from one time to another one, for instance i got cursed in one film, changed to another one and boom the curse was away. After i grocked, that each time works only on its own and you can't take things with you, i got the curses where i needed them, where they never weared off.
  • You don't wanna know how often i tried getting some milk from santa's milk bottles after i had found the glass but still had no idea about those curses, more as one of the bottles always dissapeared with santa and respawned when he was sitting again on the chair. One excuse, i was pretty tired.
  • I did that too, taumel, I did that too. :)
  • This curved some new meander into my brain, if i ever go to a cinema and see a old man drinking some milk, i'll wait until it's dark and...someday i'll get one of those bottles, and drink it on my own. :O)
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