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How do I ship to my PO Box?

posted by sadsquid on - last edited - Viewed by 165 users
Hello everyone, I just had a quick question about shipping.

I'm about to buy Puzzle Agent and Sam and Max Season 3, but I want the Sam and Max disc to be sent to my P.O. Box, not my street address, once the season is finished.

My question is: Where do I put in the PO Box details? In Step 1 of the checkout process, where it asks for your street address? Or is there somewhere later on in the checkout process to put your shipping details?

Thanks for any help.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Once the DVD's themselves are ready to be pre-ordered (at this time, you can only order the downloadable episodes of The Devil's Playhouse), Telltale will send you an e-mail and you will be able to order the DVD (for just the cost of shipping if you bought the downloadable games).
    At that time you will have to give Telltale your shipping address during checkout.
  • ah, ok. I get it now. Thanks for helping me with that.
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