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Easter Eggs on DVDs

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I remember asking this before, but I can't find it anywhere.

Can someone help me figure out where the easter eggs are on the Season 1 & 2 dvds?
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  • Ok, here is what I remember...

    For Season 1, on main menu, press left from 'Cutscenes' and it will highligh Sam in the office window. It will play a random video, including a few exclusive ones (I don't remember how many though). (Also, in the 'Concepts' screen, press right to highlight the 'Hot Rump'

    For Season 2, on the main menu, press right from 'Concept Art' to highlight Satan's box of stuff' (again the random video with extras again). (Also, in the 'Concept Art' scree, press right on the 'Main Menu' option to highlight the door)

    Hope that helps
  • If you want to find certain Eggs, then cheat. Go to Window's Media Player and then bring up "The List". You can scroll through it until you find the right chapter.

    Yes it's cheating, but it's easier then most.
  • But I want to watch it on a tv, and have the fun of finding them, so :P
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