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Banang = Bonk

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It does. :C
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  • Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookay
  • I suddenly really want Telltale to do another TF2 promotion with this item. :(
  • Banang doesn't have 27 kinds of unstable isotope, so no.
  • Banang could have different effects. I demand the TF2 has more Sam and Max items though.
  • The Gentleman;311941 said:
    Banang could have different effects.
    Jarate replacement ?
  • Katsuro;311946 said:
    Jarate replacement ?
    Or, like the thread title seems to imply, a Bonk! replacement. Either one would work, really.
  • I just want more items in general. :(
  • Katsuro;311946 said:
    Jarate replacement ?
    It might make a great CaC replacement.

    ...Actually I'm only saying that because I want one ;~;
  • Possible stats?

    Banang as Bonk Replacement: Drinking a can of Banang causes a player's health to immediately reach full overheal, but decay back to normal health over a 10 second period. Unfortunately, during this time, the addictive qualities of the drink cause the player to repeatedly shout Banang(tm) loudly for all players to hear.

    Banang as Jarate replacement:
    - Hitting a teammate causes their health to immediately reach full health, but decay back to their original pre-banang health (at the same rate that overheal is lost). If player receives damage that lowers their health to below pre-Banang limits, health decay ceases.
    - Hitting an enemy causes them to, again, go into a Banang(tm) shouting fit for ten seconds, during which they cannot be healed. Being so powerful, Banang recharge is 150% the time of Jarate recharge.
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