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Need help for Night of The Raving Dead

posted by Hatley on - last edited - Viewed by 897 users
I'm stuck in Episode 203, I need to know how to get the spotlight with the sunlamp bulb to burn Jurgen. I've switched the bulbs, but nothing happened.
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  • Go back to the DJ Booth and mess up with the lights ^^!
  • I have to say that this episode from Season 2 of Sam & Max was almost fairly difficult
    to finish if I didn't had Telltale's walkthrough for some of the puzzels.

    Other than that it went on okey. :)
  • I'm playing on a Mac, & to get the antenna you have to shoot the disks by right clicking. While I know how to right click on a Mac, it doesn't register. Has anyone else dealt with & gotten past this issue? If so, please help me out
  • I noticed some issues with the driving games in Season 2 for Mac, but they weren't showstoppers. Let me load 203 and see if I can offer any advice. Are you using an Apple mouse or third-party? What about third-party drivers?
  • I'm using a Mac mouse & running Snow Leopard (I think), plus I bought the season from Steam so there has been no illegality to getting this. I figure there's something I'm missing, but I haven't figured it out
  • I saw your post at the Steam forum. Do I understand correctly that you have a one-button mouse and you use control-click to simulate right-click? While that's the way it's supposed to work in the Mac OS and most regular programs, it's not necessarily going to work in games. I don't know whether Sam & Max is designed to support that or not.

    Anyway, I can't try to reproduce or help with your problem since I haven't used an Apple mouse, or any one-button mouse, with my Macs since the early nineties. :D

    If you're serious about playing games on your Mac, you're going to need the latest Apple mouse or a third-party two-button (at least) mouse.
  • Okay, I figured as much. Thanks for your help :]
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