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Sam and Max Complete + Puzzle Agent half off.

posted by CyberAly on - last edited - Viewed by 242 users
So I just got the latest newsletter, it talked about an offer where you pre-order Puzzle Agent and get half off anything else in the store, so I tried bunging that and the Sam and Max Complete Collection in a basket... But it looks like only the discount from the Sam and Max one can be applied. So only one offer at once? Any way to get round this?

Might just go for... Puzzle Agent and The Devil's Playhouse? That sounds good, £20 for both of them... £5 cheaper than on Steam, and with Puzzle Agent... But the same price as the PS3 version of The Devil's Playhouse... So the questions are, how much do I want to play Puzzle Agent, and how much do I prefer controllers and TROPHIES? Hmm...

Decide for me!
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  • General and some specific discounts do not stack (something liek was stated somewhere on the TTG website).

    The S&M complete package is still a killer deal though, especially with the code.
  • The puzzle agent pricedrop doesn't work with the S&M bundle.

    There are coupons that get you the S&M bundle for 30$. Maybe someone over in the S&M Section of the forum in this thread still has a spare coupon for you. That would be a lot cheaper than anywhere else.
  • Awesome, i'll try that, thanks!
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