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Sam and Max 202: Moai Better Blues Infinite Loop Issue

posted by Dallen on - last edited - Viewed by 252 users
If you time certain conversations right after the use of a nonuse item like the travel guide, you can go into an infinite loop in the game. This can be done with ALL menu oriented conversations.

Here is a save file that will make it easier to replicate:

1. Step Sam to where he would be speaking to the Moai head that controls the earth
2. Open your inventory and use the guide.
3. Click to speak with the head immediately following.
4. Right click twice to cancel both parts of Sam's dialogue. The menu for his conversation disappears and the game loops.
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  • Huh. I'll look into that.
  • Let me know if you have issues figuring out how to replicate it and I'll record it.
  • Sounds like something I had while replaying 101.

    During the dreamsequence I selected the cod, then quickly selected the fishing bowl. Sam went to the bowl, said the cod line and I never got any option to put something in the fishing bowl, effectively getting me stuck, needing to load a save...
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