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The Origins of Jurgen

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Upon the second episode of The Devil's Playhouse, The Tomb of Sammun-Mak, Jurgen was alive about 109 years ago where he met Sammth and Maximus.

Then, after Slushie the Vampire Elf took care of him, Jurgen become the vampire we know and loathe. But then, in Season 2, he was a vampire which had somehow forgotten about the events that happened and his membership of the Brothers of Yog-Soggoth.

But, being the jerky German vampire that he is, Jurgen probably forgot.
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  • Maybe he'd only recognize Sameth & Maximus, after all they do look very different from each other.


    Also, Jurgen is a lot older then that, since he's been a bas-relief(?) on a wall for almost 5 decades. I also don't think he'd care about The Brotherhood after the loss of over 100 years of never finding a trace of the Devil's Toybox or Sameth & Maximus. You also have to consider that Telltale didn't have a plot back in 2008 involving Jurgen with a villain from Season 3. So he wouldn't be aware of anything that happened in the new Season, unless Telltale redid Season 2 so that it would sinc in with the events of The Devil's Playhouse.

    This also applies to Kringle. AKA, Santa.
  • Jurgen, being a fickle trend-follower, probably never took the brotherhood very seriously anyway. As for his not recognizing Sam and Max, well, he does not even recognize them at first when they are in Hell.
  • Are you sure Kringle and Santa are the same person? I assumed Kringle was an ancestor.
  • Jurgen being Jurgen, it's entirely possibly he never sees a reason to mention it.
  • Flyingman356;313232 said:
    Are you sure Kringle and Santa are the same person? I assumed Kringle was an ancestor.
    I assumed Kringle was his brother.
  • Also I think there was a line were he said he failed Yog Soggoth, so maybe he just never went back.
  • Jurgen saw Sam and Max on Midtown Cowboys. If he was going to react to them looking almost exactly the same as Sameth and Maximus, he could've done it then.
  • Wait, isn't the Jurgen in Sammeth and Maximus time just an ancestor of Jurgen from Season 2?
  • I actually thought that Jurgen in 1901 was the Jurgen in Hell today. I know that vampires can live hundreds of years longer and as a bas-relief, it added another 50 or so years to him.
  • I know it'd be lovely for the Telltale writers to know the future, but since when has continuity been anything to really care about in Sam and Max?
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