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About the S&M Season one upgrade.

posted by schuubars on - last edited - Viewed by 510 users
I did not see somewhere a info about how long this offer ist valid.

Telltale can you clarify my question?
Because had in mind to upgrade after ep2 is out on your site.(jan. 5.)

Btw happy christmas and happy new jear, i don't need the answer asap but before the 5th. jan. woul'd be cool, thanks.
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  • We don't have any plans to pull the offer anytime soon. It's no problem to wait until episode 2 comes out.
  • Thank you very much for the fast reply Emily. :)
  • Well, i bought the season now(yeah a bit later than i tought), thanks that the offer still existed.
    I promised(to me *g*) it, because i willingly support Telltale for their very good support(and Products of course),everyone should see that by reading here on the Forums. ;)

    I really hope you will stay a very long time in business, because we need more Independent Developers like YOU.

    Or just in short words: thank you.

    Regards Urs Schaub
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