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are sam and max part of the c.o.p.s.

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well in the future sam and max have a rill old copter in The Office and the em-at of help the c.o.p.s give them and stuff fore free made me think so I thorough sam and max mite be members or will be
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  • You're that guy who uses voice recognition, right?

    Really hard making out what you're saying..

    No, Sam and Max are not part of the COPS because they are not computers.
  • If you replace Max's brain with a vacuum-tube calculator, then yes.
  • kane;313356 said:
    well in the future sam and max have a really old computer in The Office and the amount of help the c.o.p.s give them (and stuff for free) made me think. So I thought sam and max might be members or will be.
    I think they are just helpful to the c.o.p.s rather than future members. I doubt the c.o.p.s would allow filthy non-computers into the group.
  • Maybe their VCR and the "Whack The Rat" qualify. They most likely have controllers, so they are at a similar technological level as Bob. The answering machine might qualify too, depending on the model. The phone and the TV set probably won't.
  • There already is a phone in the COPS.
  • NeatNit;313378 said:
    There already is a phone in the COPS.
    That is a completely different one to that in the office, though, which makes a big difference from their point of view, I'd say. It's an old fashioned rotary phone. Despite it works wireless for some strange reason, yet even if we assume it has a some radio circuitry, it hardly qualifies as something remotely related to a computer, like Bob does.
  • Maybe the answering machine is female. Perhaps we could call her "Sally". That takes care of Bob, so we just need someone for Chippy and then Curt can have Carol all to himself.
  • Chippy can have a Sega Dreamcast: It will be the girl of his dreams!
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Doesn't Apple produce the most feminine computers?


    Oh god, they actually called one of their computers "Lisa". The "Hello, my name is"-badge is curiously missing:

  • What about Amiga then? Doesn't the word mean girlfriend? And it has chips called Denise and Paula. :)
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