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Adventure Game Movie Dream Cast/Crew

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This is basically a thread to talk about adventure games you'd like to see as movies, and if so who your dream cast for the characters, your dream directors, and dream composers, etc. would be.

I guess I'll start.


Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars

This is a game that's pretty accessible to the movies, especially since it's being made into a movie.


Director: Martin Campbell or Steven Spielberg (current not the old 80s Spielberg)
Writers: Charles Cecil, Carlo Bernard, Edgar Wright, and Doug Miro
Composer: Trevor Rabin


George Stobbart: I have no idea actually. Tom Cruise is all I can think of, but I don't think I'd pick him.
Nicole Collard: Melanie Laurent
Khan: Timothy Dalton, Mark Strong, or Daniel Craig
André Lobineau: Sam Rockwell
Flap: Simon Pegg
Guido: Nick Frost

Come on Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as Italian gangsters would be fun. Maybe it's just me. George is really hard to cast. He's the everyday American male, but at the same time he'll do whatever it takes to stop the bad guys, so I mean, I really don't have a good idea who I would cast. It's insane how hard it is for me to pick an actor for him.

So what about you. What adventure games would you like to see as movies and what sort of casts or crews would you pick?
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  • I would love to see a Monkey Island movie, but Pirates of the Carribean got released first, however i would love to see Grim fandango movie, i heard heard ageess ago there was a rumour that Tim burton was going to make it, to be honest, he could actually make a decent movie out of it, since his movies are quite dark, and it would fit the of animation like the corspe bride
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