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chapter 4, feast for the senses, course 4 and 5

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I am trying not to say something funny this time.
But, this "feast for the senses" challange is nothing but terrible. Do not have any clue what is ment with course 4 and 5 and what to do. Running around the jungle like a drunken firefly; not that elegant but that useless.
Any hint is highly welcome.
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  • Can you describe the courses, and the cryptic code? i do not have them memorized, but i would remember them if you described it.

    but the good thing is that you have figured out that "tongue do not like peppers"!
  • ok, let me try to explain.
    the 4. is the Main course. This sixths sense thing. I noticed that is has to do something with the map and the way it is been folded but could not figure out how it works ore what to do exactly.
    The 5. Course ist the shocking Touch. I could imagine that it may have do do something with the "brzzl" that is to hear, when leaving the Bar 41 . But i May be wrong with that. Despite I do not have any Idea how to use it.

    Did that make sense?
  • with 5: look on the floor in club 41. what do you see that makes electricity?

    with 4: just keep folding it till a line goes from wherever you are to the voodoo hut or something. I'm not too clear with that one. It's more of a "try over and over" puzzle
  • allright; think I got the 5th course.
    But the 4th is still a mystery
  • just click them all in random timings, youll get it eventually ;)
  • had run around in the jungle for hours now, trying the "Random Thing". This doesn't work at all. Haven't found any logical system either. Am close to throw the computer out of the window.
  • alright, i had an idea, using my physical map! images follow: start at that alter. then:

    Do this
    then this
    then this

    and i think that should work
  • unbelivable! How can things turn out being so easy after you now the way how to go foreward. (But, to be honest: how on Earth had you figured out?) Entered chapter 5 now and be happy all over. thanks a lot!
  • i just saw it last night, thought "that person needs help" and started playing with it, taking pictures. soon i had it figured out. it helps when you have a physical map, i guess..,
  • What effort! Again, Thank You.
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