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Ron Gilbert or Tims Schafer

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What game designer do you like more?
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  • Ron, definitely. He has a really good philosophy on games, and he understands how to make them good.
  • Game History (taken from wiki)


    * 1987 Maniac Mansion (NES Port), tools programmer, SCUMM (LucasArts)
    * 1990 The Secret of Monkey Island, co-writer, programmer, additional designer (LucasArts)
    * 1991 Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, co-writer, programmer, additional designer (LucasArts)
    * 1993 Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle, co-designer, co-producer, co-director, co-writer (LucasArts)
    * 1995 Full Throttle, project leader, writer, designer (LucasArts)
    * 1998 Grim Fandango, project leader, writer, designer (LucasArts)
    * 2005 Psychonauts, creative director, co-writer, designer (Double Fine, Majesco)
    * 2009 Brütal Legend, creative director, writer, designer (Double Fine, Electronic Arts)


    * Maniac Mansion (1987), writer, director, art and programmer, LucasArts (LucasFilm Games)
    * Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988), writer, LucasArts (LucasFilm Games)
    * Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure (1989), writer, LucasArts (LucasFilm Games)
    * The Secret of Monkey Island (1990), writer and director, LucasArts (LucasFilm Games)
    * Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge (1991), writer and programmer, LucasArts (LucasFilm Games)
    * Total Annihilation (1997), (producer only)
    * Penny Arcade Adventures, story and design consultant, Hothead Games, (2008)
    * DeathSpank (2010), design, Hothead Games.
    * Co-created many children's games at Humongous Entertainment, including [Spy Fox,] Freddi Fish and Putt-Putt.

    I can't personally say for certain which.

    Everything post-MI2 looks better for Tim than for Ron to me (considering I'm not in the target market for the Humongous games.) But after DeathSpank comes out... that might change, if it's as good as we hope.
  • Chyron just made me change my perception and my decision to Tim Schafer. I think Ron hasnt lived up to the potential of his ideas and philosophy. He dropped the ball on letting other people mess with his baby Monkey Island. This guy we all know can do much more and his stories are much more intriguing but yet keeps letting us down on his future projects.

    We all know that the industry's biggest wish is to see Ron Gilbert take the lead in adventure genre and make another game, but yet he is fizzling and fumbling and living in the past.

    Tim Shaefer has been more productive and delivered a better qualitive product.
  • That ... seems a little harsh. Gilbert doesn't really get a say in who works on Monkey Island after all. It's a Lucas Arts property; they can do with it what they like. And I don't see how he's "living in the past" by not making an adventure game.
  • That's a surprisingly hard choice. I can't exactly answer it because both designers are responsible for some truly brilliant works of art (yes, that's right - their games are art).

    I say we decide after Deathspank is released.
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    Gilbert wins for me, probably because I've played more of his games so far, and because I have high hopes for Deathspank.

    I've probably been missing out on The Schafer Experience, I haven't played Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, (don't worry, they're both high on my to-do list) or Brütal Legend (it's not on PC).
  • Tor;315360 said:

    I've probably been missing out on The Schafer Experience, I haven't played Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, (don't worry, they're both high on my to-do list)
    I'd certainly hope so.
    Tor;315360 said:
    or Brütal Legend (it's not on PC).
    Same reason as me. I'm actually quite disappointed in Schafer for ignoring his PC audience on this occasion. And Brütal Legend, I'm sure, would be right up my alley too, which makes it even more disappointing. I wonder if there will ever be a PC release... Doubtful.
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    Hayden;315370 said:
    I'd certainly hope so.
    Cross my heart, hope to die! :p

    I have the LucasArts Classics CD-ROM editions sitting right there on my shelf, I think I'll finally get around to playing them sometime this summer.
  • Uh... Dave Grossman.
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