How to get to Sam and Max game options?

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Ok - This is the first game that I've seen that doesn't even have a readme file -- something that tells me what keys to press to do xy and z. I bought the game and activated it and started the game, the into credits run and then Sam and Max start talking to each other (Max has the apple on his head while Sam is shooting the apple with the gun) -- but I can't escape out to change game options, raise/lower volume or anything. How can I skip the intro scene? How can I change game options? Anything?



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    You can press space or right-click to skip the dialogue, and once the intro is over, there is a gear in the top left corner you can click for the menu. You can also access the menu when you first start up the game, before you hit "New Game" or load an existing save.
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    The very first time you run a game, it will go straight through the opening credits. After you've seen the opening credits and cutscene once, it creates an autosave, and from then on when you load up the game it will start by dropping you in the menu screen.
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