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Need to update shipping address for back-ordered goods

posted by Camerooni on - last edited - Viewed by 149 users

I sent an email to support on the 24th but haven't received a response.. I need to change the delivery address of my order from my current place of employment to my home address (have recently been let go - games industry in australia isn't doing too well.. yay).

Would someone be able to contact me to get this sorted?
It's been placed on back order as I ordered disc versions for all of my previous series purchases(wallace and gromit, strongbad, and monkey island) - along with the digital download of season 3 of sam and max - I believe the deluxe package for the monkey island is what is holding it back.. but I also know that delivery to australia generally takes a long time, so I would like to get this sorted as soon as I can.

The email said the following:
"If a few days go by and you haven't heard back from us, there's a good chance we didn't get your email, or you didn't get our response. Please check your spam folder! If email just doesn't seem to be working, post in our support forum ( Mention that you've already tried to email us, and we'll look into the problem right away."

So I'm giving this a shot..
Thanks =)
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