Roger Foodbelly

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Some of you may have heard about this game called Roger Foodbelly, most of you may not. A long time ago, in a galaxy very, very close (actually, in the very galaxy we are in right now! what are the odds...), this story was conceived. Then, a few years later (this year, actually), new life was blown into the project (oh, and I became a part of it as a writer, but I'm not sure if and how the two are connected ;)). But what is it? Well, Roger Foodbelly will be a very cool, funny, epic episodic adventure game. Instead of taking my word for it, why don't you read about it for yourself, on the project's blog? While you're there, be sure to check out the first post, which has lots of information about the game. Thank you for your time. :D


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    The first post is outdated, however. If you've got any questions, just leave them here. We hope you'll be interested to know this will be in 2D and having the point and click interface. Actually, with 2D - we're meaning the CMI style taken a few years into the future. Like an enhanced CMI style.

    There are already two pictures out already - one teaser image and one christmas card. Also, near new years eve we'll be posting some old music (for the project) from our current composer. He has promised that the music will be even more amazing than those, though.

    On the new year we'll start putting the first episode together, and I can't just wait to tell you about when it's completed and out!

    Oh, and if you have any questions, be sure to post them here or in the game blog!
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    How is this game being built, engine-wise?
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    As our programmer left us a while ago, we'll be going for AGS instead. This also makes each episode playable under Linux and Mac, as the engine has been ported to both. This makes it possible to reach a broader audience. If, however, we're lucky to built our own engine in the future, things might happen with the previous ones (episodes) that have then already been out.

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    Wow.. Sorry for bumping this old thread, but seriously? No interest at all?
    I know we haven't shown you much yet, but that might change sooner than you think!
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    I think there would be more interest if you had at least something to show. ;)
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    Hehe, people always seem to forget to look in the signature ;P

    Some images already located at its Facebook Page:

    Who's house is this?

    Distant house.. WIP.

    Hmmm ;)

    The elf village

    There will be plenty more in the new year! And there's more pictures @ Facebook!
    So go and become a fan ;)
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    How's the project going? What kind of GUI are you using?
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