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Penal Zone - Map does not open all the way

posted by leerephan on - last edited - Viewed by 661 users
Max keeps telling Sam they need to go for a drive. I've done all of the steps to go to Mamma Bosco's but when I go to the car and click on the map/steerling wheel, the map is only half there. Where she is does not show. :confused: Help please.
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  • I think you have to read the poster outside Bosco's first.
  • Thank you GinnyN. I tried that, but the map still does not show Mamma Boscos. I'm sure I'm missing something, but I've tried everything I know. I've been in the tunnel and got the power core and scanner. I hooked up the scanner in the car and even went back into the ship to hook up the power core with jumper cables. *I know I need the other stuff from Stinky to power up the brain*. I am completely stopped in this game. I cannot go any further. I've been on line and tried to find a walkthrough that covers this one particular area to no avail. Thanks anyway. If you have any other ideas, that would be great.
  • Wait, totally sure the lab do not show at THAT stage of the chapter? That's extremely weird... really
  • Kind of lost here. I do not see why I should have to start over because I did something out of order, but that is exactly what I am beginning to believe. Perhaps this is a glitch?
  • Far I remember, you can get the power core without go to Momma Bosco's lab, but I still cannot understand how you can't see the place in the map. Let's me see that myself and I'll tell you...
  • Just checked, the "Bosco Tech Lab" appears by default in the Map (I started a new game, finished the Tutorial and the first thing I did was check the map. It was here). So, pretty much you have to click in its name only. At least to me. Totally sure is not in the map, again?
  • I'm not sure what you just said. Sorry. I can tell you for sure that there is no name that appears on the map stating *Bosco Tech Lab*. Nothing is there except 1/2 of the map. Hmm... Now, I am really confused. Glitch perhaps? I hate to start over, but I am beginning to think I will have to. Thank you for all of your kind attention in trying to help me. I can send you a screen shot? Just a thought. Please do not feel like you have to keep helping me, although I do appreciate it very much. Grrr... :-)
  • Me missing the first point (Screen Shot!)

    Bosco's Tech Lab is just here

    Edit: If you have an Screen Shot (Me, and my second language problems T_T) post them here. If it's a bug, probably will be better to go to the Support Forum after that.
  • Hello! How do I post my on-screen picture? I would love for you to see what I am seeing. I am going to be offline for a few hours. My email address is: [email][/email]. Let me know how I may send that to you. Thank you very much....Lee
  • There's a button down in the Reply Screen Called "Manage Attachements". Here's you can upload a screen shot to the forum.
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