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Changing Email Address & Redownloading

posted by GetSource on - last edited - Viewed by 333 users
I received Sam & Max Season 1 for Christmas from my parents who were not yet signed up, so I signed up with their email address to be able to download the game. I later found out that the only way you can download the preactivated version of the game is to download upon purchase. Is there some way I can get access to that download again for archival purposes?

Secondly, I'd like to receive the next episode notices at my own email address. Is there a way I can change the email address associated with my account?

Let me know if there's any information you need from me. The purchase is associated with the account I'm posting from.

Mike (GS)
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  • Please send me a PM with the order number, the email address you're using now, and the new email address you want associated with it, and I can make these changes for you. Once those changes are made you should get alerts about the future episodes to your own email address.

    I can send you the download link if you want to make a backup, but saving the setup file from the "preauthorized" version at that download link doesn't necessarily mean the game won't need to be activated again if you install it on a different computer. Do you know the password associated with the order? That and the order number can be used to reactivate the game.
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