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Not having trouble... I just have a question.

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While your games generally work well enough in Wine, it's still more work than I'd really consider it worth to get them up and going, especially with different setups and versions of wine and such being able to break or fix anything at will.

So what are your plans on porting to Linux? And if you plan not to port your games to Linux, I'd be interested to know why not (although I already have some reasons I can think of).

Thanks. :)
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    Ben Telltale Staff
    Actually porting the engine to Linux wouldn't be that hard at this point most likely. I imagine that dealing with the various OpenGL implementations could be a pain though. And even if the actual port is easy, getting Linux dev machines set up getting everything working would probably take a decent amount of time.

    The main problem though would be the added overhead of another platform to build and test for each release. Even with the platforms we currently support, this is a lot of work.

    So maybe one day, but not a priority at the moment.
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