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Need Installer

posted by bushy on - last edited - Viewed by 394 users
For some reason after installing Sam & Max culture shock I deleted the installer, now I need it again but am unable to download it via the Purchase History section of my account. How can I get hold of the installation executable?

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  • Download the demo at and choose the "I already own this game" (or something along those lines) option after installing.
  • Yup, what Evil Penguin said. :D

    FYI, the process might be a little bit different for Situation: Comedy. We've found a bug that will prevent some season set holders from activating the demo version of the game. But it does work for Culture Shock, and we'll try to make it very clear on the site how to go about activating Situation: Comedy (and future Sam & Max episodes).

    Bushy, if you have any trouble reactivating Culture Shock, just click Activation Support and follow the instructions.
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