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The future is here!

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Ok, I've figured out the first part (was pretty easy), but I can't continue atm cause it's late and, as you can see, the next part is going to take a while.
Here is how I finished the first part:
1. Click on the 1 in "516"
2. The screen will flash one second later with one frame which looks like a darker version of the current screen, but there's a small change. I got a printscreen of that and pasted in paint (unfortunately I didn't save so I can't upload)
3. If you look closely, there's a faint web address in the corner of the screen. Go there to see the next step.
4. I hope you didn't read this far and still didn't realise that I'm lying
5. Write in the "Quick Reply" section below about how annoying I am and click on "Post Quick Reply"

Good luck!
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