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A Pirate Coat is a...?

posted by Marduk on - last edited - Viewed by 3.4K users
Not long after TMI was announced and these forums opened there was a discussion about Guybrush's new outfit (to be expected) and somebody mentioned the name of the type of coat he's wearing and gave a link wo a Wikipedia page.

I can't find the thread. I've been searching but I can't think of what to type to refine my search accurately.

Actually I don't think it really matched the coat warn in TMI, though they did have intricate patterns they buttoned down to the waist (I think, it's possible they were designed not to be buttoned) and went narrow at the back. They may have had a few frills.

If anybody knows what I'm talking about and knows of any web pages with such coats displayed i'd be quite grateful.

Thanks in advance :)
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