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The Telltale NBC Universal license

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"Telltale has a new deal with NBC Universal to create games based on their intellectual properties. The first game under the deal will be a full "season" using the Jurassic Park license. It's unclear how many episodes that will entail, but previous Telltale seasons have lasted between four and six episodes, with one episode released every month."
As Jason points out on mixnmojo, there are some great old movies ripe for the picking - Back To The Future would be absolutely amazing.

Not to mention the great NBC comedies such as Community, 30 Rock, The Office etc for more traditional Telltale sitcom style games...
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  • After the abomination E.T. suffered on the Atari and Back to the Future and Jaws suffered on the Nintendo at the hands of LJN, Telltale making proper story games out of these amazing licenses would I think serve to right some sort of black gaming wrong from my childhood.
  • There are a lot of possibilities here. My first thought was Heroes, although I agree BttF would be great
  • You know. I think this is possibly the greatest thing I have ever read. Seriously. Telltale. You'd better use Back to the Future. You NEED TO USE BACK TO THE FUTURE. AND AN AMERICAN TAIL! DEFINITELY AN AMERICAN TAIL.
  • I wonder what the deal entails - I can't imagine Telltale having an exclusive license, but I wonder if they get first right of refusal on new movies/shows (or old ones, for that matter).

    And I wonder if this excludes Telltale from getting licences from rival entertainment companies?
  • LuigiHann;320703 said:
    There are a lot of possibilities here. My first thought was Heroes, although I agree BttF would be great
    I think the time has passed for a Heroes game. When Season 1 or 2 was airing, sure. But making a game in the future for a recently cancelled series where most of its fanbase has jumped ship doesn't make much sense.
  • For Sitcoms, I'd love to see the option for something that is like taking an act from sam and max, say one big puzzle involving three different elements, and applying it to a biweekly format for 30-minute long adventure games you can buy 7 or 8 of for 15 bucks.
  • Maybe they could make use of some of Conan's bits that will never see the light of day again. "Noches de Pasion con Masturbating Bear In the Year 2000"?
  • We need a Back To The Future Episodic series, and we need it... Really bad. I also agree with Fawful for an "American Tail" game. But no Jurassic Park, I detest that series.
  • does NBC own desprete housewives Id love to see TTG to do that
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