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Games still haven't arrived

posted by HaroldoNVU on - last edited - Viewed by 224 users
Hello Telltale Team,

I placed an order (5 collector's edition DVDs and a telltale heart wristband) which shipped in 04/08 but the package haven't arrived yet. Since it's an international order (I'm in Brazil) and our customs offices are fairly slow and bureaucratic, the 2 month period can be considered acceptable. I just became worried because today another package arrived (an order which shipped 05/07, ToMI tee and Sam & Max DVD).

It will probably arrive in the next weeks, but in case the post office screws up, and you receive the parcel back, I'd like to know if it's possible for you guys to let me know, so I can request the item to be shipped again to a new address (I don't mind paying for the second shipping, I really want those boxed games).
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    Just to make sure: April 8 is the date the package was shipped, not the date you placed the order, right?
    I'm just asking, because if one (or more) of those 5 DVD's is Tales of Monkey Island, the standard edition just started shipping a few days ago and the Deluxe edition will be a little longer.
    However, if April 8 was the actual shipping date, it might be time to send an e-mail Telltale's way (to [email][/email]).
  • That's correct, it shipped april 8 and TomI wasn't one of them (Sam & Max 1st and 2nd season, Wallace & Gromit and both Bone games to be specific). I'll give a few days to see if anyone from TTG staff will reply to this thread first, but thanks for the suggestion.
  • Haroldo. Envie um email para o suporte da Telltale. Moro no Brazil e já comprei várias vezes com eles. Em uma ocasião demorou cerca de dois meses, mas sempre recebi os pedidos.
  • Hi HaroldoNVU,
    What's odd is I show your order shipped but with no tracking information. It might be stuck in customs or it may have been lost in transit. I've placed a call with our distribution center to see if they can shed some light on where it might be. Please check your PM's today and I'll let you know what your options are.

  • valeu Roberta, eu to confiante que vai dar tudo certo agora.

    I've just read your PM, Bonnie. Thanks a lot. I'll let you know if I don't receive the package in the next 10 business days.
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