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The "I Find Noir Sam Sexy" Support Group

posted by Lena_P on - last edited - Viewed by 7.8K users
With the new screenshots of Noir Sam (called Sexy Sam by the afflicted) released, many forumites are experiencing a disconcerting attraction to the six feet of dark, doggy hotness. This is a safe place where we can help each other deal with these new feelings. Now, one of the most effective therapies is known as "art therapy", wherein patients express their emotions through painting and drawing. I suggest people post their fanarts, I mean, art therapy paintings, of Sam in his shirtsleeves, and begin their healing process.
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  • We realize the ramifications of our emotions. That's why we're here, working through those feelings to a more stable emotional center. By drawing pictures of Sam in his shirt sleeves. It's totally scientific and junk.
  • I'd be careful going down this path. It won't end well. Remember what happened to Sedna when she fell in love with a dog? Do you really want your father cutting off your fingers, which will then turn into sea mammals for some reason?
  • Shwoo;322975 said:
    I'm asexual and he's a fictional dog.
    So you can reproduce yourself on your own?
  • No, I'm not attracted to anyone ever. Words can have more than one meaning.
  • I know... :O)

    So *googling* this sounds after type A, hmm, weird, really no one?
  • Type A what?
  • I don't think Shwoo fits in that category. She seems more like D, completely and totally not interested in sex. Also, Shwoo, sorry for talking about you in "front of you" here. Now, back to more important and disturbing things ... isn't it funny that (mostly) female fans are falling over Angry Sam while (mostly) male fans think Flint is awesome? He's also angry and sleeveless, why aren't we attracted to him?
  • Lena_P;323007 said:
    @Ginny We all know of your struggles in the past. Really, they way you've held up under it all this time ... you're an inspiration to us all.
    I'm an inspiration for a Creepy Group of Fans! I have to put that in the currículum!

    By the way, I couldn't sleep for some reason, so, this one is called "Lack of Third Option"


    "And, if you don't want to answer, you have two options: Fist or Gun. No, you don't have a third option".

    "Oh, wait, I already thought of a third option! The Third option is BOTH"
  • @ Lena ...because Flint isn't six foot tall with soft floppy ears and a huge gun?

    @GinnyN *whimper*! Curse you, cruel fate for not giving me the ability to draw!
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